Martin Abraham

Reducing paper usage for the SF meeting

Discussion created by Martin Abraham on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 6, 2009 by Daryle Busch

One of the suggestions within the inventory was to reduce paper consumption in ACS governance activities.  I mentioned that one visible component of that effort could be to eliminate the Council agenda books (generally about 75 - 100 pages, times 600 - 700 copies, equals 70,000 sheets of paper).  This is probably too far to go in a single step, but maybe we could move in that direction.  Would it be possible to allow Councilors to opt-out of receiving a hard copy, and opt-in to receiving their agenda book electronically?


There was also a discussion of the value of the Yellow Book.  Why can't this simply be posted online?  For me, it would be much more valuable as a reference if it were accessible that way.  I'm never in the same place as my Yellow Book when I need it, but I'm always in front of my computer.


These two changes could reduce ACS paper consumption significantly, saving on the cost of the paper and the cost of the mailing.


How do we go about making this happen?