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President Obama Speaks for Science

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In a speech at the National Academies on April 27, President Obama focused national attention on scientific research, innovation, and math and science education. 


President Obama promised to make it a "national imperative" to dramatically improve student achievement in math and science and move U.S. students from the middle of the pack to the top of international benchmarks in the next decade by increasing support for these subjects. He committed to doubling the budgets at key science and technology agencies; implementing policies that will enhance science and math education; and laying the foundation for directing more than 3 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product to investments in research and development. 


Also in his speech, the President said it will be a challenge that will need "all hands on deck" from governors to parents to students to meet the effort of increasing support for science and technology and the quality of teaching.  The President said he would involve governors to help in the "Race to the Top" where $5 billion is available in federal funds to help states improve the quality of their teaching in math and science.


ACS President Tom Lane called the specifics of Obama's programs "extraordinary" and said ACS supports the President's proposed 10 year doubling track for key science agencies and his focus on science education at the federal and state level.


"ACS is also especially pleased the President proposed to find more ways to bring the expertise of practicing scientists and engineers into the classroom and to encourage states to use funds from the Recovery Act to improve laboratory facilities," Dr. Lane said.


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This speech and the increased investment in science included in the America recovery and Reinvestment Act and the FY 2009 funding bill, are helping to improve chemistry and science as a whole status in the United States.


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