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Biofuels plant in Middle Georgia

Question asked by Robert Rich on May 5, 2009

Dear S3G,


This morning, I received the below message in response to the S3G inventory request.  I am planning to advise Dr. Lauterbach to contact the company directly and cite the national efforts in the sustainability area.  Before I get back to him, I'd like your quick thoughts on his request and the possibility of his section partnering with Range Fuels.  Maybe you can suggest a few sentences about what is happening nationally that could be included in the invitation.


Please respond today, if possible, so that I can get back to him promptly.







From: Dr. John H. Lauterbach []
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 9:41 AM
To: Robert Rich
Cc: Semora T.J. Smith; Catrena Lisse; hargrove_rj@Mercer.EDU; Glenda Ferguson; Doug Pohl
Subject: Re: ACS - Working Together for a Sustainable Future (Please Respond)

Dear Dr. Rich:


I am Chair-Elect for the Middle Georgia Section, and I am writing in response to the S3G request shown below.


At this time, it does not appear that the Middle Georgia Section has sufficient resources to complete the S3G form.  We have less than 100 members in 35 counties over middle and southeastern Georgia.  In most areas, we have far more pine trees (and other biomass) than we do members, and most of industrial members have had to relocate to other states.  Those of us who are left are tying to "keep the doors open."


However, a report may not be necessary as the picture on the cover of the April 27th issue of C&EN says it all.  The Range Fuels plant shown in the picture is located in our Section's territory.  It is in Soperton, Treutlein County, which is near the geographical center of our section


Perhaps the ACS S3 Group could contact the Range Fuels executives (they are located in Colorado, 303-410-2100) and ask them to participate in our Section's activities and help us fulfill the S3G requests.  More particularly, we have the privilege of presenting a 60-year ACS membership award on June 4.  Since the recipients wife cannot travel, the presentation of the award will be made at a special meeting of our Section in Baxley, GA.  We hope that you can contact the executives at Range Fuels on our behalf and ask them to join us on June 4  The meeting site is about 50 miles from the Range Fuels facility in Soperton.  We hope you and others in S3G will be able to join us, too.


Please let me know when we can discuss these matters in more detail.


Best regards,




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