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    What do members want?

    Carolyn Ribes

      I have a couple of questions for members of this group: 


      What type of programs should the Brazosport ACS offer that would be interesting and useful to our members?  

      What outreach activities would best serve the local community?  



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          Alexia Finotello

          I am interested in social entertaining events with opportunities to network.

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              Janet Bryant

              At the National ACS meetings, check out the Women Chemists Committee's Monday am breakfast meeting; the Tuesday noon luncheon; and the "Just Cocktails" Events. First 2 require tickets; Just Cocktails does not.


              Also, Small Chemical Business (SCHB) and Division of Business Development and Management (BMGT) usually have receptions that are great for networking.


              Reasons to go to National meetings!  My network has expanded exponentially because of these events.



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              Rakesh Sahay

              I have became member of ACS by till now I could not get real benefit. In fact I want to know how a member gets maximum benefit.



              DR.RAKESH SAHAY

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                  Janet Bryant

                  Dear Dr. Sahay, Glad to hear you have chosen to join the ACS.  I personally find it rewarding to have such an extensive network of like-minded people who "get" chemistry, so I don't have to apologize for my "geek" tendancies. (and esoteric jokes are appreciated. :-)


                  Seriously, ACS has many benefits to offer members.  The training available from the ACS LAB program, both online courses, and in-person courses at Regional meetings and National meetings are terrific.  and there are ACS scholarships to be had, which allow you to attend those courses at no cost for the course.  Of course you have to attend the respective meeting, but I find I benefit from those meetings as well.  Expansion of my network; getting away from my day job to immerse myself in today's chemistry happenings is something that rejuvenates me and I return with a better attitude and pride in being a chemist.  On the local level, your local section has many opportunities for leadership training, mentoring of students, career outreach and assistance, and giving back to your local community.

                  I hope you try out some of my suggestions and let me know how you are faring...Janet