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    C&EN Comment from S3G

    Robert Rich

      I am pleased to report that Rudy Baum has approved the inclusion of a Comment from S3G in the August 3 issue of C&EN.  What we need to do is to produce a draft of no more than 820 words.  The deadline for receipt on my end is Friday, July 10.


      So, to get started, can anyone suggest some main ideas to cover in the Comment?  Once we have those assembled, I'd be happy to set up a Google Document to enable drafting and editing.

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          Robert Rich

          The first draft of this comment is available for your review at https://communities.acs.org/docs/DOC-1448.

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            Carolyn Ribes

            Thanks for writing the draft.  It helps us all understand what points we want to highlight.     I did work on it a bit (partly to see how the editor worked). I thought it was hard to tell which changes were suggested, so I used underline for new things and strikeout for suggested deletions.  If there is a better way, please let me know. I do like that it there is some editor - that is easier than going to another website. 


            Since this will appear in July, the inventory will be complete (at least the current snapshot) so I thought we should describe it in the past tense. I also think we should provide more examples of the changes made in meetings, if space permits.  I'm still struggling with language changes (green is now a verb!). I added a sentence about joining the network (I used the same text in a comment ComSci just submitted, it was prepared by Mark O'Brien).  We might also want to use a link to the group rather than the stepwise directions.    



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                Robert Rich



                The ACS Network document editing feature allows you to compare the changes that were made in the document. If you click on “Version” in the upper right-hand side of the document you can compare any version of the document against another.  You can select to see all the changes in a single pane or in a side-by-side comparison. Changes to the document are highlighted in green for additions and red for deletions.


                It’s easy to overlook this feature.  I'll update the document for you accordingly, so future editing is easier.

                Thanks for your edits,



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                S Airee

                I like to add a sentence just after the 'best practices' sentence


                S3G seeks innovative input, and would like to help hone the  ACS human resource skills at the level where the rubber meets the road - .from the local section officers and ACS student affiliate chapters