Robert Rich

ASAE Social Responsibility Principles

Discussion created by Robert Rich on May 14, 2009

Perhaps this program from the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE) would be of interest.  If ACS wanted to be included, it would probably require Board action in response to a committee recommendation.  Is this something that one of your committees would be interested in considering or endorsing?


Gain Recognition as a Leader in the Social Responsibility Arena


Close to one hundred pioneer organizations have embraced the Global Principles for Socially Responsible Associations & Nonprofits, thus affirming their support for incorporating smart sustainable business practices into their organizations. 

But we need more organizations to sign on in order to create real change.  United around social responsibility and its related business opportunities, our organizations will become stronger, as will our ability to benefit the world.

Signatories will be recognized in upcoming advertisements in USA Today, Associations Now, and FORUM magazine. (AMC signatories will also be recognized in an ad in the 2009 Guide to Association Management Companies.)

The principles and easy sign-up form are online at  Questions? Contact Chris Wood at, 202-326-9554.