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Call for Abstracts in Drug Discovery through Pre-Clinical

Question asked by Ronnye Schreiber on May 26, 2009
The 2009 Regional Life Science Technical Symposia and Tradeshows will be held in New Jersey in September/October 2009. The symposia will identify the challenges of filling the drug pipeline with a focus on technologies and case studies.


Topics for presentations and posters will cover:

  • Novel Technologies/Approaches to Compound Profiling Leading to Success in Early Discovery
  • Biomarkers
  • Current and Future Development of RNA-Based Technological Advances
  • Analysis of Signaling Pathways by Proteomics
  • New Approaches and Successes in Medicinal Chemistry.


For event details and online abstract submission, visit There you will see the full program for the June 2-3 event in PA which will be similar to the September/October NJ events. Questions? Contact Scientists with accepted talks will be provided with a free pass to the full event.


Deadline: July 1