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thoughts on IYC2011 activities

Discussion created by Carolyn Ribes on May 27, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2009 by Jeff Trent

I like the idea of "countdown to IYC2011" with an elemental countdown.   Perhaps each "count" could be one of the 365 podcasts created for the year - or  perhaps repurpose some existing material (such as the youtube periodic table clips from the UK). I'm assuming that by 2011 that a couple more of the elements under discussion today would have been approved and named.


I noticed that the IYA (astronomy) was sponsored by the History Channel. I don't receive that here - has anyone noticed any activity on that channel related to astronomy?    I wonder if we would want to pursue a similar link - perhaps with Discovery Channel.


I don't remember all the ideas that were shared from local sections, committees and divisions. Is it posssible to post that list?  I realize that some groups were describing things they were planning on doing and some were going to list suggestions (not yet planned). We may want to encourage or discourage some of those suggestions.  And remember that some of the folks that created the inventory may think that they need "approval" to pursue those ideas. 


Perhaps we should consider the audiences we want to reach during this celebration. This may include include students (K-12), chemists/acs members, and the  general public. Which other groups?    We may want to review the type/scale of activity that would reach each community.  For example:  ACS members/chemists: I heard proposals for programs at national and regional meetings.   The quarterly activities from CCA (and local celebrations) similar to Earth Day/NCW programs would reach students.  If the stamp is approved, that would reach the general public.   Do we have anything else  targeted at the general public at a national level (or a connection of local events)?     What other audiences are we reaching? 


We heard a number of possible themes to communicate:  CCA had 4 (health, envt, energy and?), women/diversity, research, air, space, and water, energy.  Perhaps we should look at that and try and focus a bit.   Not necessarily limit/prohibit any topic (since chemistry is so diverse), but try and focus on a small number of themes so that the message is repeated and concentrated.   Can we relate this to the tag line "chemistry for life"?  My preference would be that we focus on the great global challenges that chemists are addressing - the best way to show that living standards are improved through chemistry.


I do like the idea of a single unified event that could be done around the world.  I prefer something that allows each region to do it during a convenient time (such as noon in your local time zone).  Selecting a date can be a bit tricky - the international holiday calendar is very crowded!   I would probably aim for the spring or fall. If we involve students, then we should consider an activity that can be done with resources available globally.  It might be easier to organize something for chemists (who presumably will have access to more resources).  One possibility it to align it  with one of the planned celebrations (perhaps focus on women chemists - related to the Marie Curie anniversary). 



Two more questions on the stamp project:  Is there already a design proposed? Or is it better to get the approval first?