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    Sustainability Web Outline and Information Architecture

    Tamara Coombs

      During the previous conference call members of the group decided to develop an outline and information architecture for the sustainability Web page. The page is a good way to communicate the Society’s interest in sustainability, promote activities underway, and receive suggestions and comments from members and stakeholders. The attached documents are based on the ideas that surfaced during that call.  Feel free to review, edit and discuss the attached documents as you see fit.

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          Carolyn Ribes

          Thanks for sharing this draft of a proposed architecture.   I like the layout slide - main links on the left, with room for highlights and feedback on the right.  That looks easy to navigate.


          I have been thinking about alternate approaches for the left side - the part covered on the site map document.  Instead of using ACS Governance units as the main bullets, I would think about the categories that may be more in the mind of a visitor. They will probably be approaching the topic from their perspective as a scientist - rather than as an ACS member.  How would they expect the material to be categorized?


          Perhaps it makes sense to use main bullet points such as food, water and energy  (sustainability related to these major categories).   Subbullets could include technical status, research highlights, policy issues, educational issues, and "what ACS is doing" against each of these themes.  Examples includee the work on clean water that CA is doing with GII.    I would like to think we could also use this format to link to the items already stored someplace on the ACS web.   I did get some feedback from the ComSci communications subteam and we're proposing this version (attached).


          I'm sure that there are other approaches that could be used - other taxonomies that might resonate better with our web visitors. I realize that this focuses less on what ACS is doing - but it may also provide a wider range of information on this issue (one of the basic functions of ACS).   In addition to what we contribute in our roles as local section/division members, we should think about how we highlight the contributions we make as practicing chemists - the people that will research, develop, and implement water purification systems, abundant food supplies, and clean and affordable energy to the people of the world ("improving peoples' lives.....").


          The DOE site includes links on the left side:   for students, for consumers, for teachers, etc.  Maybe this type of link would work as well for providing fast access to particular groups of some of the information that might be of interest to them. 

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            Robert Rich

            I am pleased to report that a group of ACS staff has begun to explore the feasibility of launching an integrated online information resource on sustainability and related global challenges, designed to serve the information needs of chemists and professionals in the allied sciences engaged in this area of research, education and public policy.  This effort is being spearheaded by Sarah Tegen from the ACS Publications Division and a member of this group.


            The group will be taking the draft materials from this discussion thread into consideration, along with resources from across the Society dealing with sustainability (lesson plans, meetings, podcasts, etc).  One of these resources would include a number of collections of primary research articles from our scientific publications (on a variety of topics) that could be packaged as a “Virtual Special Issue.”


            I have invited Sarah to speak with the steering group, during our call next Friday.  All are invited to comment in advance of the call on what you'd like to see ACS provide in an online sustainability resource.


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                Carolyn Ribes

                This is excellent news!   I look forward to the focus and energy that Sarah will bring to this.  I like the idea of bringing together articles from ACS journals.  There could also be an area that is updated (monthly?) that points to new articles that are published.   There are a lot of materials already on the ACS web (searching "sustainability" brings up 654 hits - and 1543 from CEN); it will be beneficial to bring some structure to them to allow faster access.       It could also help us identify where there are gaps in what ACS is doing or communicating.