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    Undergraduate Program in San Francisco - Your Ideas?

    Robert Rich

      During the last steering group call, there seemed to be agreement that sustainability-related content should be included in the undergraduate student program at the San Francisco National Meeting, which has a theme of "Chemistry for a Sustainable World."  This afternoon, I spoke with Nancy Bakowski and Ann Nalley, and we will be arranging a conversation with the undergraduate programming chair for that meeting to explore the possibilities.


      What ideas do you have to enrich the undergraduate program related to sustainability?  For example, I believe that the eminent scientist lecture, a panel discussion, or something at the undergraduate poster session were raised as ideas during the call.


      Please respond with your thoughts, so that we can include them in the discussions.  I know that the meeting theme organizer, Laura Pence, has been thinking along similar lines, so perhaps she can weigh in as well.


      Thank you,


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          Leslie Bordas

          An undergraduate program should include a workshop/brain storming session on how to become a green student affiliate.  Perhaps some speakers from successful sections (students) and a list of potential "green/sustainable" speakers that could be brought to campus.  In addition undergraduates receive very little training in safety and proper chemical disposal when they begin their undergraduate research experiences.  Perhaps we could give a power point presentation on the "right" way to do research.  Or at least inform them of what is available through the chemical safety committee and other sources were they can become informed.



          Lesli Bordas

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            Laura Pence

            Nancy Bakowski introduced me to the undergraduate programming team from SOCED, and we had a great conversation in Salt Lake City about pulling sustainability into the Undergraduate programming.  The one issue that I'd add at the moment is from a conversation I just had with Tim Hubler, who is on CEPA (Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs.)  They'd like to do some joint programming on the issue of green careers or careers in green chemistry, and I thought that that topic was extremely relevant to the undergraduates.  In the same way that ideally a chemical process is developed using green principles from the start, I think that a more sustainable system relies on training our future chemists in green principles from the start of their careers.

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                Bob Peoples



                I have not been able to keep up with everything on this important subject due to a ton of GCI related demands, including the GC&E conf next week.  However, I am in total agreement with your comments and believe there is a good connection here.


                I plan to assign Jennifer Young to help us coordinate all this after the conf is over.  Please let me know how we can support and participate the planning and delivery of content.  FYI - I did a career forum for ACS in April.



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                  Edward Brush

                  On the topic of the "green career path," how about a panel discussion or oral session involving an undergraduate, grad student, postdoc, and early career professionals - all who received green chemistry training and are pursuing green/sustainable chemistry career paths.  This may give a crude snapshot of the training process.