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Undergraduate Program in San Francisco - Your Ideas?

Question asked by Robert Rich on Jun 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by Edward Brush

During the last steering group call, there seemed to be agreement that sustainability-related content should be included in the undergraduate student program at the San Francisco National Meeting, which has a theme of "Chemistry for a Sustainable World."  This afternoon, I spoke with Nancy Bakowski and Ann Nalley, and we will be arranging a conversation with the undergraduate programming chair for that meeting to explore the possibilities.


What ideas do you have to enrich the undergraduate program related to sustainability?  For example, I believe that the eminent scientist lecture, a panel discussion, or something at the undergraduate poster session were raised as ideas during the call.


Please respond with your thoughts, so that we can include them in the discussions.  I know that the meeting theme organizer, Laura Pence, has been thinking along similar lines, so perhaps she can weigh in as well.


Thank you,