Semora Smith


Discussion created by Semora Smith on Jun 18, 2009

June 22-26, the newly formed ACS Greening Committee of the Staff Council will launch the Greening ACS Week.  The goal of this week is to highlight ways we, as ACS staff, can reduce our carbon footprint in the workplace.  Activities for the week will include the Green your Office Environment webinar, the Jean Michel Cousteau “The Call of the Killer Whale” presentation and other events at the 13th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference.  The Greening ACS Week will conclude with a contest drawing for all those who enter their best tip or strategy for greening ACS.  The winner will receive 2 tickets for the Washington Mystics “Go Green” game on July 11, 2009.


Please join us in efforts to make ACS a "greener" workplace - send us any thoughts you may have!!!!!  Thanks