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Discussion created by Robert Rich on Jul 1, 2009
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Today, Ann Nalley and I participated in a conference call, organized by Nancy Bakowksi (ACS staff), and attended by Matthew Mio and Charles Baldwin, who are all involved in the Undergraduate Programming Task Force.  We talked about several opportunities to further engage student members in the sustainability effort.  We started with the San Francisco National Meeting , where it looks like a careers in green chemistry panel (Laura Pence and Tim Hubler are pursuing), the Eminent Scientist Lecture ( Daniel Nocera on Solar Energy), and variety of co-sponsorships of divisional sustainability symposia will be a part of the programming.  S3G was asked to help institutionalize National Meeting themes related to sustainability on a regular basis, and to find ways to support programming related to the challenge at all ACS meetings, regardless of the theme.


We discussed adding a category to the Student Chapter annual reports on sustainability-related activities.  A number of the chapters are already focusing programming on sustainability, but it is difficult at this point to get a good handle on what these activities are unless we have a category in the annual report which is specifically focused toward sustainability. There was a consensus that student contests in this area would be a good idea, and a variety of sponsorship possibilities were raised.  We also mentioned focused partnerships with Technical Divisions and Local Sections.  A possible workshop for chapter advisors was also suggested. 


Ann and SK were invited to attend the undergraduate task force meeting in DC to present S3G's charter and goals, to further develop some of these ideas, and to brainstorm additional opportunities.