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Question asked by Stanley Seelig on Jul 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2009 by Kenneth Polk

I am trying to start up a small chemical company based on using green chemistry to allow the minimal use water.  More specifically, we are looking to formulate specialty detergent packages for using green solvents for cleaning.  For sources of income, I am looking at SBA and other government loans, Venture Capitalists, Angel investors, bankers and chemical manufacturers of green solvents.  My partner and I have a provisional patent to protect our technology.  I am presently underemployed as a chemical consultant and have minimal resources other than my partner having chemical labs over 700 miles away.  What would be the fastest way to get this company off the ground?  I am in the process of writing a business plan to cover the next 5 years which includes fileing patents, formulating detergents, liscensing technology, and forming partnerships.


Stan Seelig

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