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Local Sections Helping the Unemployed Webinar

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LSAC/CEPA/LAB Webinar/Teleconference


Local Sections Helping the Unemployed


Thursday, July 30, 2009 – 1:00-2:00 p.m. EDT



Please mark your calendar for Thursday, July 30, 1:00-2:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) for a webinar onLocal Sections Helping the Unemployed.  This program is hosted by the ACS Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC), Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs (CEPA), and the Leadership Advisory Board (LAB). 


Speakers will include local section representatives who will discuss their successful events that were held to help ACS members with their career and professional development. In addition, representatives from CEPA and LAB will discuss the resources they have available to assist you with planning events for your section’s membership. 


Webinar Schedule:


Presenters and Staff Participants:


Wayne Jones, Chair, ACS Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC) 


Debbie Sauder – Chair, Georgia Local Section


Raymond Thibault – Chair, Brazosport Local Section 


Jan Hayes and Amber Hinkle - LAB (ACS Leadership Advisory Board) 


Marty Gorbaty, chair of CEPA. Introduction of David Harwell


David Harwell - Staff Liaison to the ACS Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs (CEPA) and the Assistant Director of Career Management and Development


Final Q&A and Closing CommentsWayne Jones


Participant Instructions For Audio Portion



Participants dialing in for the conference will dial 1-888-632-5950.  It is advisable that participants dial in approximately 5-10 minutes before the conference is scheduled to begin.  All participants who dial in will need to give the operator their first and last name, and local section. 


Participant Instructions for Webinar Portion


Go to

Under the ‘JOIN’ column, enter conference ID:  acsconf (it is case sensitive) and then fill in the additional blanks below and press LOGIN.

If the moderator has not yet arrived to the webinar, you will get a message on your screen stating: “The moderator has not yet arrived. Please stand by.”  Once the moderator opens the webinar your screen will show the presentation.