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Ideas to Contribute to the Success of International Year of Chemistry 2011

Question asked by Bradley Miller on Jul 29, 2009

Here is the update on preparations and planning for ACS' Celebration of 2011 International Year of Chemistry.  Please share your ideas on how we can best contribute to the success of 2011 IYC.


ACS Celebrates International Year of Chemistry 2011

An Update for ACS Committees, Technical Divisions and Local Sections

August 2009



With a December 2008 proclamation from the United Nations General Assembly, the principal goal of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) 2011 is to celebrate the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to the wellbeing of humankind. This goal dovetails with the ACS vision and mission and several of ACS’s top strategic goals, including: to create and sustain global scientific community; to address global challenges through chemistry; and to communicate the nature and value of chemistry and related sciences.


IYC Theme: “Chemistry—our life, our future”


There are four main IYC objectives:

  1. Increase the public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs;
  2. Increase interest of young people in chemistry;
  3. Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry;
  4. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies and of the award of the Nobel Prize in chemistry to Mme Maria Sklodowska Curie - providing an opportunity to recognize the contributions of women to the chemical sciences.


ACS joins our partners, sister societies, and colleagues around the world in taking steps in 2009 towards planning and implementing activities in support of this historic occasion.



Staff research on International Year of Physics (IYP) 2005 and International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009 generated the following key “best practices” and recommendations:

·        Identify, organize and lead a limited number of large, national pillar programs during the international year in face-to-face and virtual settings.

·        Encourage and support local celebrations.

·        In physical and virtual settings, brand the IY effort (posters, giveaways, web site, presence at trade shows, etc).



In follow on to ACS Board Chair, Dr. Judy Benham’s challenge in Salt Lake City for ACS committees, technical divisions, and local sections to begin generating ideas to support IYC 2011 across face-to-face, virtual and publications activities, we received 85 activity ideas.  ACS has convened staff and governance IYC working groups to field suggestions, identify gaps and congruities, and to coordinate ACS’ IYC efforts. Major groupings of initiatives proposed for 2011 include:


  1. Engaging elementary, middle school and high school chemistry and science teachers (and their associations) and mentors / teaching aids.
  2. Organizing public appreciation events working with and through industry, museums, national and state parks, county fairs and festivals, and libraries.
  3. Joint events with ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters, industry, other chemically related societies and associations.
  4. Dedicating and harmonizing Science Café programming and podcasts to chemistry’s contributions to humankind and global challenges.
  5. Symposia, roundtables, workshops, posters, demonstrations, and IYC-themed and foreign language materials development.
  6. Outreach using the ACS Network, Second Life, Twitter and other social media.
  7. Tagging ACS National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day initiatives in support of IYC 2011.


Other Activities

    • At the ACS National Meeting in Washington, DC we are organizing a booth (#1827) “ACS Celebrates IYC 2011” where meeting participants can learn more about IYC 2011 and ACS plans to contribute to the event’s success.
    • Currently launching campaign to petition Citizen’s Advisory Committee for U.S. stamp commemorating the contributions of chemistry and in celebration of IYC 2011
    • ACS has created a dedicated website to its IYC 2011 efforts:
    • ACS is in discussions with the Canadian Chemical Institute and the Mexican Chemical Society for North American regional cooperation for IYC 2011.
    • ACS has designed a graphic image banner to promote its involvement in IYC 2011.  See attached.


Next Steps

The governance and staff working groups will continue to gather ideas and suggestions by engaging ACS members and meeting participants at the “ACS Celebrates IYC 2011” exhibit booth - #1827 at the 2009 ACS National Meeting in Washington, DC.