Robert Rich

Your Advice and Input Requested - ACS Strategic Plan for 2010 and Beyond

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Jul 31, 2009

(Posted on behalf of Judy Benham, Chair, ACS Board of Directors, Planning Committee)


Dear ACS Sustainability Stakeholders Group,


As you may know, the ACS Board of Directors Standing Committee on Planning conducts an annual review of the Society's strategic plan, to keep the Society focused on the most important priorities in the face of new challenges and opportunities.  Since the ACS Strategic Plan for 2009 and Beyond was released in January, the committee and staff have been busy carefully evaluating the plan and considering evolutionary changes that would be appropriate.  Minor revisions have been proposed based upon trends and challenges of which we are aware, feedback from ACS stakeholders, and progress that has been made. 


Sustainability stakeholders are key to ACS strategy, and will play an important role in realizing our goals when we implement the new strategic plan, therefore, we ask for your advice and input regarding the attached proposed strategic changes specific to sustainability.


We also welcome you to share your further comments and suggested changes to other areas of the draft strategic plan.  A public group will be launched today on the ACS Network at to share the plan draft, to discuss the key strategic challenges and opportunities for the Society, and to consider revisions to the plan.  After we have considered all of the feedback received, the Planning Committee will recommend a final draft of the ACS Strategic Plan for 2010 and Beyond to the Board for adoption in December.


Thank you very much for your partnership which helps ACS to achieve our Vision of "Improving people's lives through the transforming power of chemistry."

Best Regards,