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Draft Concept Model for ACS Sustainability Activities

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Jul 31, 2009
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Dear ACS Sustainability Stakeholders,


The Sustainability Stakeholders Steering Group (S3G) has begun to consider the development of a clear, coherent organizing framework for the Society's efforts to "enlist the world's scientific professionals to address, through chemistry, the sustainability challenges facing our world."  The attached is proposed as a first cut of such a framework, based upon the recent inventory of existing Society sustainability activities.


It draws from existing organizing principles of the Society.  The first dimension includes the six strategic goals of the Society.  Since the sustainability effort is all about addressing world challenges (Goal 3), that forms the central oval.  The other five ovals show how sustainability intersects with the other key activities of the Society.  In terms of providing indispensable resources (Goal 1), for example, ACS provides resources for chemists to address sustainability, such as through meetings, presentations, and publications.


Another dimension is to break down sustaianbility-related activities by the volunteer member groups through which ACS has conducted its work "to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people."  Local Sections, Technical Divisions, and Committees all have important and unique roles related to sustainability.  We've attempted to show where each group has undertaken such activities in the detailed attachments.


Through an understanding of where ACS currently stands in addressing sustainability, the group can target areas where there is a perceived need, a unique and valuable role, and a level of enthusiasm for expanding or enriching our current activities.


Please remember that this is a draft, therefore your comments and questions are welcomed below.  S3G will also take up this topic during its meeting in August.