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    Will we be meeting next week at National?

    Leslie Bordas

      It would be nice to have an outline of our goals and perhaps identify ways we as members of S3G can help with the mission, etc.




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          Robert Rich

          Lesli (and anyone else reading this),


          We definitely would like your participation.  The steering group will be getting together next week to go over goals and consider ways in which members can get more engaged, including online and at the National Meeting in San Francisco (themed "Chemistry for a Sustainable World").  Results of that meeting will be posted.


          In the mean time, I'd encourage you to take a look at and comment on the concept model at https://communities.acs.org/thread/1926, offer thoughts on the ACS Strategic Plan revision relative to sustainability at https://communities.acs.org/thread/1924, and to share any ideas that you have for new and expanded intiatives based upon the sustainability inventory completed at https://communities.acs.org/docs/DOC-1434.


          If you have other thoughts, I'd encourage you to create a discussion within our group.

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              Sheryl Baldwin

              Where will we be meeting or getting together??

              I have a very specific activity we could undertake that would be of immense benefit to the global environment.

              I will meet with some Chinese diplomats Monday to initiate these discussions. We could launch an initiave

              in San Francisco.  IAM sure we could recruit many partners to help facilitate the process.


              My cell phone is 804-307-4530 if you care to discuss. After my luncheon with these friends Monday I plan to go to the Expo.

              Where will the Sustainability group "get together"?


              Sheryl B

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                  Robert Rich



                  I'm glad that you're excited about getting involved in sustainability.  There is not an open meeting currently planned in DC, but we could set something up to discuss your project with the Chinese with all who are interested.  Please suggest a good time.


                  In any case, S3G will be looking for every willing and able volunteer to help with engaging members at the San Francisco meeting.  Stay tuned for details.