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Chemistry Ambassadors in Action

Question asked by William Suits on Aug 22, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2009 by Brad Smith

Many sections and companies have very active outreach activities.   How has your program helped your section?  What new venues have you found?


At PITTCON's Science Week program I met the team from Midland doing their kitchen chemistry experiments with over a hundred teachers a thousand students in New Orleans. Their PR Chair and one of the team leaders then is chair of the section this year.


At the Washington ACS meeting, Walt Segal shared their Detroit officer candidates this year all started in their Chemistry Ambassadors program as younger BS level chemists.


This year we discovered that the 4-H needed leadership at their science camp in Somerset NJ.  While doing our demonstration, we met a couple of ExxonMobil's Chemistry Ambassadors.  Their program has been ongoing for years accross the country.  Their teams have a library of experiments to use.  Requests are bundled quarterly and volunteers recruited to fullfill them.


RESET is an active program in Washington for seniors are trained working with elementary teachers.  AAAS leads this program and several ACS member are participating.  RE-SEED is another program for seniors directed out of Northeastern University in Boston where seniors are trained to help in class rooms.  These programs were featured Wed afternoon in the CHED division.


Do you have other examples beyond Earthday and NCW?