Thomas Bannister

suggestions please: 2010 Fall ACS session on chemical blogging /internet

Discussion created by Thomas Bannister on Aug 26, 2009



At Washington the planning committee for the med chem division set the agenda for the Fall 2010 meeting in Boston.  Approved was a "lunch and learn" session on the emerging impact upon research of chemical blogging and non-traditional communication (i.e. Twitter, My Space, Facebook, etc.)





I am organizing this event and want maximum interest in it, so I'd like to find out what might make any of you want to attend.


I want to have some major bloggers onboard, including Derek Lowe from "In the Pipeline".  The ACS blog sites will be represented, and perhaps some major journals such as Nature, which sponsors "The Skeptical Chymist".





Let me know what you'd like to see.  I had in mind 4-6 short (15 min?) presentations and an extended panel discission.






Presenters could discuss a topic unique to internet media, or perhaps one that they would normally discuss in their blog.




Attendees would get information about what types of blog sites might be of interest to them, including sites that might aid their scientific awareness and aid their own research efforts.



Thanks in advance for your suggestions and comments!