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ChemConf on Sustainability

Discussion created by Georjean Adams on Aug 31, 2009

DCHAS is having an email conversation on sustainability in labs and lots of interesting comments are coming in which I'll try  to figure out how to collate at some point.  In the meantime, here is a cross-cutting item that Bob Rich thought S3G might be interested in:


From:    Robert Belford <>
To:    Georjean Adams <gla@EHSSTRATEGIES.COM>
Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] Environmental sustainability in labs?


Dear Georjean,


Are you familiar with the ConfChem Online Conferences in Chemical Education which are hosted by the Division of Chemical Education's Committee on Computers in Chemical Education?


Here is a link to the archives


Actually, ConfChem uses a paradigm developed in 1993 where a list serve is used to discuss one paper at a time.  We are developing a new ConfChem system which integrates papers into the Alfresco Content Management System of the NSDL Chemical Education Digital Library in a way which will allow multiple social networking platforms to interact (not just emails) and Loyd Bastin and I are organizing the Spring 2010 ConfChem "Educating the Next Generation: Green and Sustainable Chemistry:


Do you think you might be interested in putting together a paper which could help the chemical education community become more aware of ACS CEI and DCHAS activities related to this theme?  We actually have a good working record with DCHAS, as attributed by the ACS OLCC course we ran in 2004


Oh, one other thing.  The ConfChem paper gets archived and is searchable through the NSDL, but after the conference you will have the option to submit a revised paper to the ConfChem feature of the Journal of Chemical Education for peer review. So this gives you a chance to present material in an online conference where it is discussed over a listserve, have that material and all discussions archived in an open access format (which you can post on your own site), and submit it to JCE for peer review. The JCE feature is an option, not a requirement.


Anyways, I enjoyed your post to the DCHAS list, there are currently around 800 active email addresses on the ConfChem list, and if you are interested I would be more than glad to further discuss this.




Bob Belford


My response to Bob:

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Subject: Re: [DCHAS-L] Environmental sustainability in labs?


Matt Fisher and Laura Pence have the CEI lead on chem education efforts around sustainability and I'd like to defer to them for potential follow up with you on your Spring 2010 ConfChem (April - June).  Could there be something as a follow up to the SF meeting?  (Laura's chairing the SF program theme, so I know she is already overwhelmed!)


I'm not familiar with the ConfChem process, but I'd like Hank Ramsey, who liaises for CEI on sustainable meetings, to also check into it as another way to convene meetings without travel. Sounds very green to me!   How do you go about finding who wants to be on the listserv? (FYI - I wasn't able to link to any discussion archives.)


There are so many possible on line venues for ACS sustainability communication - discussions. groups, communities, a website (under development) -  I'm still trying to learn about them all!  Bob - Is this something for <>S3G (yet another group looking at ACS sustainability)?


Let me know if the copy list is interested (or already involved, for all I know) or has suggestions for my subcommittee.