Robert Rich

Planning for a Sustainability Forum - 2010 Spring ACS National Meeting in San Francisco

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Sep 9, 2009

The ACS Sustainability Stakeholders Steering Group (S3G) will be conducting an open forum on sustainability during the 2010 Spring National Meeting in San Francisco. The purpose of this forum will be to further engage ACS members in the Society’s sustainability activities and gather ideas from our stakeholders to create excitement and develop projects that can make a difference.


I am posting to ask for your help as we pull together a planning group to carry out the tasks necessary to implement this initiative over a 9-month period.  We are looking for people who are passionate about engaging chemists in addressing sustainability, and your participation in the ACS Network Sustainability Stakeholders Group suggests that you may be such a person. To ensure that the team is able to organize this project within the timeframe, all participants will be asked to participate in teleconferences twice a month between now and the National Meeting.  A draft of the forum model is attached for your consideration, which attempts to describe the project and what we would like to accomplish.  Please email Semora Smith at by COB on Friday, September 11 to let us know if you are interested in participating.


If you are not able to commit to being a part of the planning group but would like to participate on-site in San Francisco as a SustainE, feel free to email and let us know.  If you have suggestions to improve the forum model or questions about it, please post them as comments below.


I hope that all ACS sustainability stakeholders will be able to participate in what looks to be a very exciting and influential event.