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Message from the Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Sep 11, 2009
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I am posting the below information on a planned symposium on "Chemistry and the Developing World" to take place at the San Francisco National Meeting at the request of Jasmine Hunt of the Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee.  Please contact her directly ( if you'd like to respond.


Dear Dr. Peter Dorhout,


It was wonderful to meet you at the last two GEAB meetings during the ACS Salt Lake and DC meetings and I hope the beginning of the academic year finds you well. As you know, I am a member of the of Spring 2010 Graduate Students Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC). I would like to better inform you about the ACS symposium we're organizing at the meeting in San Francisco. Through our symposium, "Chemistry and the Developing World", we aspire to highlight the current opportunities and challenges associated with the advancement of chemistry for, and in the developing world. By assembling a group of world-class speakers from both developed and developing nations, we aim to showcase innovations designed to improve quality of life in impoverished regions and to illustrate the benefits and challenges of conducting scientific research in these areas. Our goal is to bring the growth of science in the developing world to the attention of the international scientific community and garnish support for this critical need. As the chair of both the GEAB and the Committee on International Activities, we thought you would be especially interested, as this endeavor seems to fit in line with both of these committees' missions.

Already, Professor Jay Keasling, 2006 Discover Magazine scientist of the year, Professor Mauricio Terrones, a leading researcher Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (IPICYT) in Mexico, and Paul O'Brein, head of the school of chemistry at the University of Manchester, have committed to give presentations. We are currently in the process of identifying and securing additional speakers for the symposium and raising funds for support. In order to host this event, we are hoping to raise enough money to cover the cost of travel and registration of the speakers, advertising, symposium venue, and training expenses for the new GSSPC. Any help you could give in this effort would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,


Jasmine Hunt


Jasmine N. Hunt

PhD Candidate, Hawker Group

University of California, Santa Barbara

Materials Research Laboratory

(805) 893-7771