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For Collaborative Editing: Beginning to sort ACS sustainability activities

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Oct 12, 2009
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Georjean Adams and the CEI communications subcommittee have prepared the attached draft as a first cut at organizing the responses by the 7 bubbles of the communications model (they are listed in the comment on the header "Leadership Area").  This was done as a feasibility effort and not meant to be comprehensive and detailed.  Please take a look and feel free to edit and post your revised version in the comments below, or simply post specifically how the document should be edited.


Here are some notes on the approach:


1. Since there are so many activities underway in the ACS Green Chemistry Institute, it might be useful to get GCI to break out their activities elsewhere - like on their webpage, rather than to list them all in this document.  They may want to sort their work by the bubbles.  It seems like they deal with all of them!  Or perhaps we just leave it at "all" on the sheet and give a link to their website.


2. We may want to think about how to best list all the things that Facilities, Meetings, and other staff is doing for greening operations.  Perhaps this can be posted to the Web somewhere.


3. PA&PR might also want to draft a write up of their ongoing issues advocacy efforts or maybe just refer to their website.


4. Identifying speakers in the sustainability area is under development.  If you have any speakers to suggest, please post them on the thread at

5. Obviously we are missing many divisions, sections, and committees.  With the outreach events to take place in San Francisco, we'll have tons more to add.


6. Who will want to access this info?  Some possibilities:


  1. people looking for what their division and section is up to
  2. people looking for ideas from others who have done something (esp.local sections) and how to go digital (which means we may want to have other people as contact than the chairs)
  3. CEI and S3G to see if there are bubbles with not much going on or surprise that some group isn't active that we can jawbone
  4. chairs who will see this as incentive to do more so as to look good on this list (i.e., why don't you have something?)



7. We probably don't want to duplicate what is already put on line here, such as technical programs sessions, papers, posters, events.  . The list is somewhat selective on listing topics, just a general speakers, programming, just to give some flavor.


What do you think?