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    Growth Potential for Companies linked to Green Products

    Max Saffell

      Do you see significant growth potential for companies that are linked to "green" products that will be pushed by government regulations?

        • Re: A question from David Sikkenga

          yes.  part of the analysis behind my recent ACS webinar is that we are facing a 'new normal' in the West, where we will see lower consumption and higher savings by consumers.  sustainability and carbon footprint issues will also be strong, as they make good business sense as well as being environmentally friendly.  however, a word of caution is also in order.  politicians are generally interested in votes rather than products - so they can blow hot and cold about specific areas very easily.  As I mentioned in the webinar, 'green areas' that are dependent on subsidy will be particualrly vulnerable to this type of behaviour, as government is going to have to cut back spending.  any business that is dependent on subsidy will therefore be vulnerable to a change of heart.