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    Latest forecast related to chemistry enterprise?

    Samuel Toba

      How can someone stay updated on the latest forecasts related to the chemistry enterprise?  What do you think are the best sources?

        • Re: Question from Robert Rich - Information sources?

          Robert  i see forecasts as a mechanism to provoke thought and discussion, not an end in themselves.  the fact that someone might forecast a crude oil price target, or an economic growth rate, or a rate of adoption for a new technology, is not really that helpful. what's more important is the logic they used to get there.  equally, i think its very important to maintian a wide range of interests, as otherwise one falls into a silo mentality, where one knows more and more about less and less.  my own strategy for keeping ahead of the game is to think of information sources in terms of overlapping circles.  the inner circle is publications, online or offline, that deal with the specific companies, products and skills in which you are interested on a daily basis.  the second circle is those that deal with relevant developments in other related fields.  the outer circle are those that provide gerneric data on the way the economy is developing, consumer lifestyles are changing, etc.