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Where’s the Chemistry? Photo Contest

Discussion created by Mark Obrien on Nov 20, 2009
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Win a Flip Video Camera and Improve the Public’s Appreciation for Chemistry.


Chemists know that everything that you can see, feel, taste or smell is a result of chemistry. However, to the general public, chemistry’s connections to daily life are not always apparent.  Therefore, to improve the public’s appreciation for chemistry, the ACS Network is sponsoring a “Where’s the Chemistry?” photo contest. 


Here’s how the contest works:


  • Take a photo of an everyday item e.g. tennis ball, DVD, sneaker, pumpkin pie, etc. Choose whatever item that you would like (chemistry is everywhere right?)
  • In 250 words or less, describe the item’s relationship to chemistry.  Detail the item’s chemical properties, how chemists are involved in the production or manufacturing process, the ways in which advances in chemistry and the chemical sciences make this product better, or simply describe the chemical changes that occur as a result of environmental factors acting on the product.  For example: Think about the aroma of a warm pumpkin pie coming out of the oven.  Where’s the chemistry?







To participate, reply to this thread and post your photo and entry.  The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2010.  Winners will be determined through the use of the polling feature on the network. Voting will begin on February 1 and close on February 15.