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Local Section - letter of support for permanent residency

Question asked by Donivan Porterfield on Dec 17, 2009

One of our Local Section Councilors has received an e-mail from a Local Section Member for a "endorsement or letter from professional / industrial organizations like ACS confirming their support of my research work" that they may use in applying for US permanent residency.  The Councilor who received the request does not personally know the Member and we don't recall them attending a Local Section meeting.  The company where the member is employed has been around for several years and a handfull of other Members work at same company but the neither the company or co-workers have been active in our Local Section.  The request is accompanied by a list of publications from early 2000 time frame.


None of us on Executive Committee can recall getting a similar request from a Member.  Not sure if there is any ACS policy on such letters of support?



Mr. Donivan Porterfield, Councilor

Central New Mexico Local Section