Brad Smith

Congressional Visits Needed in Spring 2010

Discussion created by Brad Smith on Jan 13, 2010

From now through June, we have the unique opportunity to connect with our U.S. representative and senators while they are home. Congress is scheduled for district work days February 15-19, March 29-April 9, and May 31-June 4.  We encourage local section government affairs committee chairs and other local section members to meet with their members of Congress (or their staff) in their district offices during this period.  For these meetings the general "ask" is "please support predictable and sustainable funding for basic scientific research and science education for fiscal year 2011." As the meetings get closer ACS will happily work with you to refine this message.

Over the past decade, ACS members have worked hard to encourage public policy decisions that enhance U.S. competitiveness and innovation.  This work culminated in the passage of the American COMPETES Act in 2007, the introduction of the American Competitiveness Initiative, and inclusion of science funding in the stimulus bill.  Unfortunately, budget pressures are forcing Congress and the administration to make difficult decisions, potentially cutting funding resulting in facility closures and fewer research grants.  In response to this projected funding shortfall, the ACS is encouraging its members to meet with your legislators.

The ACS is happy to assist you in arranging these meetings.  In addition, tools and material can be found online at  Please fell free to email me to arrange a meeting or if you have any questions.