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    Introductions - Please give a short paragraph about who you are and what you do

    Stanley Seelig

      Hi!  I am Stan Seelig, Chair Elect for the Division of Small Chemical Businesses.  I am also currently President of Waterless Cleaning LLC and Seelig and Associates.  Waterless Cleaning LLC is a start-up company that is looking to replace water-based operations with green solvents and ionic liquids.  Our target markets are Industrial Cleaning applications and Laundry Care.  Seelig and Assosciates is a consulting group that assists manufacturers and end users in the formulation of new and/or use of existing cleaning formulations.  I have 30 years of industrial chemical experience with over 30 patents, papers and publications as well as organizing 2 symposia for the ACS.

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          Joseph Sabol

          Hi - I'm Joe Sabol, Program Chair and Regional Meeting Coordinator for SCHB.  What that means is that I "herd the cats" as far as getting SCHB symposia organizers to commit for ACS national and regional meetings, preparing the initial call for papers, monitoring the abstract submission and acceptance process, making venue arrangements for the meetings, and, in general, making sure that the SCHB technical program at ACS meetings goes as planned.  I really enjoy "herding cats" as I get to work with all sorts of interesting people about SCHB symposia.  If you ever get a call "Hi, I'm Joe, program chair for SCHB...." I hope you will say "Yes!"


          My day job is being a consultant and problem solver to the chemical and materials industry: I typically help people who were not paying attention in chemistry class, but even if you were attentive, if you need help and cannot address your issues with present resources, I can help for the short or long term.  Molecules misbehaving?  Got gremlins in your resin kettle?  Got a pH imbalance?  Call Joe.  I've done this for more than 10 years, after retiring from 20 years of teaching analytical and physical chemistry.