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    GHS research study

    Eric Boelhouwer

      Greetings -


      I am a graduate student in the Department of  Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University.  I would like to invite you  to participate in our research study to evaluate the effect of the use  of performance based qualifiers in GHS precautionary statements  communication.  You may participate if you are age 18 and older and by  education, training, or work experience would have a high awareness of  hazard communication.


      As a participant, you will be asked to  respond to an electronic survey.  It should take one hour to complete  the entire process. 


      If you would like to participate in  this research study, please click on the link below or copy and paste  the link into an internet browser.




      If  you would like to know more information about this study, an  information letter can be obtained by sending an e-mail to  boelhej@auburn.edu.  If you decide to participate after reading the  letter, may use the link above to link to the survey.


      We are also  looking for any sites that would allow us to contact plant operators to  participate in our research.  If you think your site may be interested,  please contact Eric <boelhej@auburn.edu>.


      If you have any  questions not addressed in this note or the information letter, you may  contact Eric at (504) 606-9460 or his academic advisor, Dr. Jerry Davis,  at (334) 844-1411.


      Thank you for your consideration,


      Eric  Boelhouwer, MISE, MBA, ASP, AHFP


      PhD Candidate
      Industrial  & Systems Engineering
      Auburn University


      504-606-9460  (mobile)