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Always be in networking mode.....

Discussion created by Samina Azad on Mar 25, 2010
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Aswan Morgan in “Social recruitment on the Rise” reported in June of 2009:

·      Of the companies surveyed, 76% reported investing more in employee referrals to find candidates. Seventy-two percent invested more in social networks. These are the top two areas of growth for candidate sourcing.

·      More companies use LinkedIn (76%) and web searches (67%) to research candidates than calling references (61%)!

So what does that mean for those of us EMPLOYED but on the hunt (as you always should be!) and those of us hit by the recession and not fully employed? TAKE HEART, TAKE CHARGE and REMEMBER THAT 70% of JOBS were always found from networking! So the news is not about networking, it’s about HOW networking is changing…and the role of an online presence. Now I’m not talking about tweeting what you had for lunch the other day – but I am talking about taking control of your IMAGE and your BRAND…something I’ve talked about for a long time. But now it is not only during face-to-face interactions, it’s about Linked-In, Facebook and anything you put on the web.

So what are some guidelines:

·      SHOW UP: Set up and keep UP TO DATE a Linked In account. Be sure you reach out to others with whom you have had interactions in the past, and on whom you might draw for references or info on opportunities.

·      BE THERE FOR OTHERS: Send messages to those in your network about opportunities you know about.  Paying forward and sharing info not only shows you care, it shows you KNOW and are a value add for networking and info.

·      KNOW YOUR PATH: having had a stint as a headhunter (yep, for those who didn’t know, I co-founded a successful boutique search firm in San Francisco in the dot-com boom years), I know that the single best things you can do for your career are:

o      KNOW what you want to do and be able to explain WHY you are good at it, WHAT you have accomplished and the VALUE ADD you can bring to an organization

o      BE PREPARED and OPEN because opportunity knocks more often than you may know – you may just not hear it. Have a plan with your family, significant other, whomever so that WHEN the right opportunity comes along – you know if you can take it. Nothing is worse than the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” to kill your motivation and potentially a relationship… I SHOULD HAVE taken that job. I COULD HAVE BEEN the CEO by now. I WOULD HAVE done it but my (fill in the blank) wouldn’t move. BAD moves for a career and bad moves for a relationship.

o      PLAN FOR next steps. Following your passion is not only POSSIBLE in a RECESSION, it’s a must. Decide what a next steps could look like for you and be sure that they are IN LINE with your passion and dream for the future. As the line from that old movie Flashdance says “ you lose your dream, you die”.

Stop back and see what else there is and let us know what you’d like to hear about!

Judith C. Giordan