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ACS Members Asked to Write Congress on Budget

Discussion created by Brad Smith on Apr 9, 2010
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Yesterday the American Chemical Society urge members of its  Legislative Action Network to write Congress regarding the fiscal year  2011 budgets for various science agencies.  So far 1,304 letters have  been sent to Capitol Hill.  To learn more about this issue click on  "action center" in the right hand column of

A copy of the message sent to ACS members is below.

Dear Legislative Action Network Member:


Please write your federal legislators urging them to support President Obama’s  budget request for science and technology investments and to continue  working to ensure American competitiveness in the global economy.


President Obama’s fiscal year 2011 budget proposal  strongly emphasizes the important role that science and technology must  play in ensuring continued U.S. prosperity by making  robust investment in federal science agencies, STEM education, and  energy research programs.  These robust  investments in science and technology come at the same time that the  president has proposed to limit overall federal spending and maintain  overall domestic discretionary spending at last year’s funding levels —  so the proposed increases are truly remarkable. 


Congress is now responding to the budget request by  developing a budget resolution with congressional budget committees  tasked with crafting a framework.  This gives  other members of Congress parameters on how much can be spent on  government programs and broad recommendations on areas Congress feels  are priorities. 


Your letters can help ensure that this budgetary  blueprint includes robust investments in science, technology, and  innovation in a year when the budget will be exceptionally tight. Click here to send your letters today!


Thank you,