Samina Azad

Dealing with Conflicts

Discussion created by Samina Azad on Apr 22, 2010

Were you ever involved in a conflict? Or, may be two of your direct reports were in a conflict and the situation got so bad that they stopped talking to each other? How did you handle the situation? I learned a lot about resolving conflicts recently by reading a book. The book is “What to Do when Conflict Happens”. Authors Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura describe a CALM model to handle conflict.


Clarify the Issue

Address the Problem

Listen to the Other Side

Manage your Way to Resolution


Listening is very important in managing conflicts. Showing that you are listening is even more important and really helps to calm down the other person in a conflict. This book gave some great Listening Tips:


ù         Give the other person your Total Attention and never interrupt!

ù         Ask Questions for clarification and paraphrase (ie repeat what they are saying and ask if you heard correctly)

ù         Show that you are listening (ie say “I understand”)


If you are caught off-guard by a conflict and do not have time to think: buy time, suggest a later meeting, go to a meeting room (where others cannot eavesdrop), and keep it respectful (no matter what the attitude of the other person is). To make things better, you need to focus on the solution and not the problem. Listen carefully and suggest a solution.


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