Brad Smith

Interested in Advocacy that Supports Chemistry’s Role in Addressing Global Sustainability Challenges

Discussion created by Brad Smith on Apr 29, 2010

The American Chemical Society has begun to consider a specialized advocacy community focused on chemistry and sustainability.  Flowing from the recent ACS Sustainability Engagement Event (SEE) (visit for details), an volunteer action team has been established to “Suggest Policy Priorities for the ACS to Advocate,” focusing on grassroots efforts that engage members’ involvement in shaping and advocating for ACS policies related to sustainability and green chemistry.


You are invited to join this action team to help develop the idea.  The action team will meet via one or more conference calls leading up to the fall National Meeting in August.  Also, an ACS Network Group has been established to support the team’s work. Before or during the fall ACS national meeting, the action team will share its proposals with the appropriate governance committees, which can champion the project forward to implementation.


You can learn more about the action team at and sign-up within the next two weeks to participate in the first conference call (