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    Source of IYC 2011 pins

    Donivan Porterfield

      I've seen the IYC 2011 pins but not sure where as a Local Section we could order some.  I didn't find them on the ACS Store and also didn't see any mention on the www.chemistry2011.org web page.

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          Sherry Bryant

          Good morning Mr. Porterfield.

          In reference to your request to order IYC 2011 pins, please contact:


          Ms. Linda Tapp

          Accounting Assistant

          IUPAC Secretariat

          PO Box 13757

          Research Triangle Park, NC  27709

          Phone:  +1-919-485-8703

          Fax:  +1-919-485-8706

          linda@iupac.org  email


          If I can be of further assistance, please contact me.


          Best regards,

          Sherry Bryant

          American Chemical Society 

          Office of International Activities

          1155 16th Street NW

          Washington, DC  20036

          s_bryant@acs.org  email

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              FRANCISCO GOMEZ

              Many thanks, Sherry!!

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                Donivan Porterfield

                In the process of placing an order recently for IYC2011 pins with IUPAC I was asked about additional orders that I would be placing through the rest of the year.  Linda Tapp advised that IUPAC will likely be needing to get some more IYC2011 pins to meet the folks needs through the end of the year.  In doing so they would like to get close to what will be needed but not end up with a bunch more than is needed.  So if you will be looking to order IYC2011 pins from IUPAC through the rest of the year you may wish to drop Linda a e-mail letting her know of your plans.  I have already let Linda know how many more I would likely be getting so to assure that they have what I'll need on hand.



                Mr. Donivan Porterfield, Chair & Councilor
                Central New Mexico Local Section
                American Chemical Society