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    365: Chemistry for Life

    Mark Obrien

      ACS is inviting you to highlight everyday advances in chemistry, every day during 2011, the International Year of Chemistry!


      Through the IYC-2011 initiative “365: Chemistry for Life,” a different aspect of chemistry will be highlighted every day of 2011 on www.acs.org. 

      Submit ideas for a favorite element, compound, discovery, process, chemist, or chemistry innovation at www.acs.org/iyc2011, by June 30, 2010.  Suggestions should fall into one of four categories: energy, environment, materials or health. 

      Anyone may participate.  Selected submissions will receive recognition and an IYC-2011 pin and t-shirt.

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          George Ruger

          Will the winning chemistry submissions be a secret until the day they are revealed?  If not, then it would be great if we could have a listing of the entries a month at a time in advance.  As local sections, or divisions, the information can be distributed to members in monthly e-mail distributions.  My section has it's list-serv for members, and one message a month would be ok, but one a day would be way too much.  Is something like this going to be possible for next year?