Nancy Mccormick-Pickett

What's LaserFest? It's a yearlong celebration of the development of the laser.

Discussion created by Nancy Mccormick-Pickett on Jun 9, 2010

Laserfest is a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the laser, which was first developed in 1960. Chemists play key roles in the continuing innovation of  laser technology.  From DVD players to eye surgery, the laser is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century—one that has revolutionized the way we live. ACS is among more than 60 organizations partnering with the American Physical Society, the Optical Society, SPIE and IEEE Photonics Society to celebrate the 50th anniversary. As a Chemistry Ambassador you  can help inform students, educators, legislators, and the general public in your community about the impact of the laser and the importance of scientific and technological innovation. You can help raise awareness of the laser as a transformative technology by highlighting today's laser innovations and tomorrow's possibilities.


Here are some ways you can spread the word. You can give a  presentation to your local civic and community groups about the importance of lasers and how they have improved our lives. Or you can email the flyer and brochures to librarians, teachers, scout leaders, the media and legislators in your area. Visit for more details. You can also find more information about how to promote and celebrate LaserFest on the Chemistry Ambassadors site at Please join me in promoting LaserFest in our communities.