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Have you been told, "'s your style?"

Question asked by Janet Bryant on Jun 12, 2010

Last week I got hit squarely between the eyes by this direct comment (from our Human Resources person, no less):


"...the style you used in your 20's to make you successful in this company is not the same style you should be using in your 50's..."


I've thought about that for over a week now.  Of course I'm not the same person today that I was in my 20's.  But my "ENTP-ness' (for you Meiers Briggs fans out there), hasn't changed.  Nor do I expect it to.  My personality "is what it is".


She was referring to the fact that it has been observed that I am:

- Outspoken

- Brash

- Opinionated

- Inpatient


She forgot that I don't "suffer stupid" very well...ok...not at all...


My "style" is seen as getting in my way in this company.  Of course the men of similar vintage and experience are seen as:

- Forthcoming with ideas

- Determined and to-the-point

- Sure of themselves and their ideas

- Focused and movers and shakers


sigh.  Is the lot for women like me?  Or, as Judy G said in an earlier Blog on this site, am I just in the wrong company and need to find another whose "insanity" matches my own, so we'll all be sane and happy in the asylum?  After 29 years with this company, I'm 6 - 10 years from real retirement.


Looking forward to your experiences, comments, suggestions, and maybe a commiseration or two...