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ACS Webinar on 'Delivering a Dynamic Presentation'

Discussion created by Corrie Kuniyoshi on Jul 28, 2010

Hello All,

The following ACS webinar may be of use to those interested in perfecting and sharpening their presentation skills before the Boston National Meeting.


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ACS Webinars: Professional Growth & Development Series

“Delivering a Dynamic Presentation.” A short presentation followed by Q&A with speaker Nicholas Washienko, Ph.D. & J.D., Owner, Washienko Communications and Director of the Professional Development Program, Boston University.  

What You Will Learn
- Identify the single greatest obstacle to effective presentations
- Structure a presentation that is easy to deliver and easy for listeners to follow
- Use PowerPoint to enhance, not detract from, presentation success
- Develop a strategy for answering questions
- Understand why listeners are reacting as much to you as to your content.
- And much more…

About The Presenter
Nicholas Washienko has helped senior executives prepare for business critical presentations for over thirty years. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies and he has traveled extensively throughout the world consulting to international companies. His approach to presentation consulting is refreshing and very successful. Nick holds a PHD and JD from Boston University where he is on the faculty teaching courses in Business Law and Business Communication.