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    ACS Publications Midwest Librarians Dinner

    S Rouhi

      Hello fellow CINF-ers,


      ACS Publications Sales is happy to announce that we have hired a new sales representative to cover the Midwest region. Since our restructuring to regional territories in the Spring, Steve Hansen (Assistant Director of North American Sales) has been the acting representative for all accounts in that region. Kate Waddington has since joined ACS and we're holding a dinner to welcome her and introduce her to her librarian partners at the Boston National Meeting.


      I will be sending out personal invitations but if I have missed anyone in the purple region on the map here (http://pubs.acs.org/userimages/ContentEditor/1268685079669/lrc-map.jpg) please contact me directly so I can give you the reservation information.


      I hope you're well and look forward to seeing you all in Boston.


      Safe travels!




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