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Should the ACS Espouse Political Opinions?

Question asked by James Yavorsky on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2010 by Robert Nemchin

The ACS is a professional organization composed of many individuals with a variety of political opinions.  Should the opinion of an individual, such as Rudy Baum, be expressed as the opinion of the group when the group has not even been surveyed for a consensus?  I think it is very presumptive and I resent it.

Political opinions have also been expressed where the opinion of the publishing company ACS is at odds with its professional organization members.  The members could benefit greatly from the free chemical information such as the NIH database, especially those with limited resources working as self-employed consultants, but ACS the publisher is trying to sell that same information.  It benefits the ACS members, but not the publishing company, so what should be the official position of the group?