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    Is the Job-Market Improving?

    Nicholas Meyler

      I have been an executive recruiter for 21 years, trained as a chemical engineer (at CSUN), and experienced in the electrochemical

      plating field for several years.  My initial education was a philosophy degree from Princeton University, but I decided that it would be

      more pragmatic to earn a second degree with some "market value".


      In my perception, recruiting in this particular sector is improving considerably.  In fact, the job-market (for my clients, at least) seems

      to be about as good as I have every seen it.  This may sound like a stark contrast to the unemployment statistics we've all been hearing

      about for the past couple of years -- all the same, the demand for highly-skilled chemists and chemical engineers with graduate

      degrees is sufficient that I am quite busy searching for talent.


      My current searches have been posted in my blog, so please feel free to drop by and see if anything strikes your interest.  Meanwhile, I

      am very interested in other people's feedback on the employment market and their observations.  Please feel free to comment and let

      me know your thoughts!

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          Brian Halden

          Right now, I would say it is a employer's paradise.  Because of all the chemists

          that are out of work, they can pick and choose.  This is the second layoff

          I have been through in three years.  I still see plenty of companies that are

          using temp recruitment agencies to provide contract work, I have been contacted

          by a couple. I guess you might have to determine what sector.  In pharma,

          there certainly isn't an improvement with the number of jobs.  With the acquistion

          and merging of drug companies, 1000s of chemists are being laid off.  I am

          looking at the ACS job fair and noticing that there are a few companies that

          are hiring.  Not nearly enough, in my humble opinion.

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            I am writing from my perspective as an ACS career cosnultant. The job market is still tough but it is improving. How much depends on a number of factors including:


            • your chemical specialty
            • the restrictions you place on your job search (relocation, type of company, etc.)
            • your age. Younger chemists and new graduates seem to be having an easier time fining jobs than mid-career and late-career chemists. Some of this is due to the specifics in the first two bullet points.


            Persistence and a "Plan B" defining other employment alternatives outside your exact chemical specialty are essential.


            John Borchardt

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                Nicholas Meyler

                I was hoping to get more input on this one, but I appreciate the answers so far.


                Reminder: even with 9.6% unemployment, there are 2.6 million unfilled jobs right now!


                This should be a big clue to people who are looking for jobs that they need to be persistent and

                continue to look hard.  The job is out there (or it certainly could be)!