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See how these Chemistry Ambassadors help children with autism.

Question asked by Nancy Mccormick-Pickett on Aug 13, 2010

University of Arizona News (Tucson, Ariz.)

“Autism Chemistry Camp a Success”

August 12, 2010


For the parents of children with autism spectrum disorder or Asperger Syndrome, even those who are highly functioning, finding someone who can tell them what their kids can do versus what they can't do is often a challenge. University of Arizona research professor of radiology Terry Matsunaga, whose son has autism, decided that he would do everything possible to provide educational opportunities for his son. Watching his son gain a merit badge in chemistry as a Boy Scout got Matsunaga thinking and as head of the Southern Arizona Section of the American Chemical Society he found an opportunity to draw awareness to autism while helping to integrate adolescents with autism into greater society. Through an American Chemical Society innovative program grant Matsunaga was able to put together a team to introduce children ages 11 to 15 with highly functioning autism to the world of chemical science on the UA campus.