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Welcome to BTEC!

Discussion created by Andrew Berks on Aug 22, 2010

The BTEC has been disbanded, and all funds are being returned to the sponsor divisions. Changes in the meeting programming rendered this committee obsolete. Thank you all for your support over the years.  This group will remain on the ACS network for archival purposes.

Theme programming under the umbrella of the Biotechnology Secretariat (BTEC) promotes interdisciplinary, divisional activities in areas of broad and current interest to ACS membership in the area of biotechnology. BTEC gives greater visibility to the activities of  participating Divisions. Programming with BTEC allows for more programming flexibility for the Divisions, by allowing divisions to program additional concurrent sessions, and providing extra income to the Divisions.


Advantages to participate in BTEC symposia.


  • Publicity for the division program throughout the society.
  • All funding for attendance goes to the Divisions, none to the Secretariat
  • Broader exchange of ideas
  • Higher impact because of cooperative nature of the event.
  • Allows additional sessions for a division.

The BTEC normally schedules programming at one ACS National Meeting each year. The BTEC steering committee meets at every ACS national meeting, on Sunday mornings.