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Question concerning European Degrees

Discussion created by Nicholas Mulder on Aug 23, 2010
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     Hello all.  My name is Nick Mulder.  I am a recent graduate of the University of Delaware chemistry program.  Currently I have a job, and I am looking to attend graduate school next year.  My original plan was to immediately pursue a doctoral degree, but lately I have been considering going abroad before I commit to such an endeavor.  My idea is to travel to Europe, Spain in particular, in order to obtain a Masters degree prior to returning to the states to begin doctoral work.  My question involves the viability of this decision.  I do not know how European degrees are typically viewed by admissions boards in the United States.

          A specific degree which I have been especially interested in is earned through the 'Masters in Colloid and Interface Science and Technology' program at the University of Granada in Spain.  The program is officially recognized by the European Union, and as far as I have seen the university is highly ranked, prestigious, and one of the oldest in the Western world (circa ~1500 AD).  I am particularly interested in interfacial chemical phenomena and believe participating in such a program would be an excellent career choice.  However, I have been told by advisors that I have an impressive resume and currently have the ability to be accepted at many top schools in the US.  My concern is that, if I pursue said degree, admissions boards will not view the degree as equivalent to a similar degree granted in the United States, and may consider me less viable as a candidate in thier program.  I feel like this is a silly concern, but I do not want to return to the states to find myself in a bad situation.


     If anyone could please advise me on this issue I would very much appreciate it.



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