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Chemistry Ambassadors - NCW 2010 Opportunities

Discussion created by Keith Lindblom on Sep 2, 2010

Be a Chemistry Ambassador for National Chemistry Week


2010 Theme: Behind the Scenes with Chemistry


National Chemistry Week (October 17-23) is a great opportunity to be a Chemistry Ambassador in your community and participate in the worldwide celebration of chemistry! This year’s theme is “Behind the Scenes with Chemistry!” and the annual community outreach event is science café’s. Read more about this year’s theme.


The Chemistry Ambassadors program provides tools and ideas to help you become involved in NCW. Inspire future generations by supplying teachers with chemistry resources or volunteering your scientific expertise. Speak to a local civic club about a chemical element with local importance. Put chemistry in the headlines of your local newspaper. Start a casual conversation with a friend about how chemists improve the world around us. Or find an NCW event near you and join in the fun. Opportunities abound for individuals as well as local sections and student chapters.


Visit the Chemistry Ambassadors website for more great ideas and highlights from NCW events across the country!


Chemistry Ambassadors, how are you celebrating NCW 2010?