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    ACS Presidential Debate

    Mark Obrien

      On September 19, ACS candidates for president-elect 2011 participated in an ACS Presidential Debate. The debate was recorded and interested members can hear the two candidates, Bassam Shakhashiri and Luis Echegoyen, discuss their visions for the future of the Society and their candidacy for the post.  The debate took place via "Science Studio" a long-running radio show featuring interviews with practicing scientists. Keith Pannell of the department of chemistry at the University of Texas, El Paso, hosted the debate. The recording of the debate can be accessed at www.sciencestudio.org and www.ktep.org.


      For more information about the ACS Presidential Debate please contact:

      Keith H. Pannell

      Director MARC Program

      Department of Chemistry

      University of Texas at El Paso

      El Paso, TX. 79968-0513


      Tel. 915-747-5796

      Fax 915-747-5748