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    Khan Academy

    Mark Obrien

      A colleague of mine forwarded me this article about the Khan Academy.  The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with a stated  mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. The founder, Sal Khan has posted over 1,800 free instructional videos on topics in chemistry, science, math, humanities and test preparation.   His approach is consistent: keep instruction simple, conversational and brief.    Here is an example of how he explains the Atom:



      What do you think about his approach?  What impact do you think this method of instruction will have on our traditional educational system?  Have you used any of his videos to augment your classroom instructions? 

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          Lynn Hartshorn

          I watched the U-tube of Professor Khan's discussion about atomic structure and enjoyed it very much.  I liked the use of the smart blackboard and images and videos . I found his conversational style to be  very engaging, and his explanations excellent.  However I do not think that this style of presentation is very different in content and style from what many of us use in the classroom, though not all of us have the technology  that he used available.  I think that using some of his presentations in class from time to time would be  a great addition to any class. But in my experience  students do not  react well to a course taught completely on-line or by using videos, power points, u-tube etc all the time. They like the  "real" interaction with a professor. They like to be able to ask questions.  They really like their teacher to solve example  problems.  So these kinds of presentations make a great addition to a class, but should not, in my opinion, be the way the whole class is taught.

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            Lindsay Barnes


                 I just posted a discussion on Khan today.  I had just found it last night.  Pretty good stuff.  I would like to see more practice opportunities for chemistry application, perhaps using a mechanism generator like the one that is compatible with word (the name just left me) but other than that I am pleased with the website.  As a student I look all over the Internet searching for clear and concise explanations of mechanisms, or just a reminder of how to manipulate algebra problems, the search is exhausting...until now.  I'm glad to see someone else has posted on this as well.



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              Mark Obrien

              Here's another interesting article from Wired Magazine,

              How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education.


              What do you think about the Khan Academy?  Would you encorporate any of his lesson in your classroom?  What have you learned from his approach?