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    Transformer oil

    Annelore Schaut

      Does anyone perform analyses on transformer oil?

      Who would like to exchange some information about this topic?

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          Thomas Norrby


          we do oil analyses. We have some in-house, and some very specific like "Tangens delta" we can get help with from Nynas usually.

          What are your issues?

          best regards,

          Thomas Norrby, Statoil Lubricants, Sweden

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              Annelore Schaut

              Dear Thomas,


              Thanks for your quick reply.


              We do a lot of analyses here, mostly all according to IEC specifications, also tg delta.

              I am a bit more in the R&D unit to develop new methods...

              One of the hot topics for the moment are the introduction of bio fluids in (power) transformers.

              Have you already done something with this?

              Does Nynas produce bio-oils?


              Best regards,


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                  Thomas Norrby

                  Dear Annelore,


                  I have heard about bio fluids, but not much detalied stuff.


                  Nynas are producers of highly purified naphthenic fluids for transformers ( and several other electrical insulation apps); I am not aware of them having gone int bio-versions (although I would expect them to have som R&D people taking a loom at the development in this field)


                  We have extensive experience from the R&D and formulation & sales of bio lubricants (mainly synthetic ester based) for applicatiins ranging from chain oils, hydraulics, turbine fluid and marine lubes.



                  Best regards,

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